Do you want to track someone or something that does not have a phone? Perhaps a young child or family pet, maybe even your vehicle? Letstrack can supply separate tracking devices that are small, discreet and can be easily attached to a belt or even your pet's collar! Track unlimited devices and view them on a single screen, even set up zone alerts to let you know when the trakee is entering or leaving a predetermined zone.

It's a discreet tracking device for people and assets. It can be placed in a bag, kept in the pocket or fastened with a belt.

Available in

Bike Series
Letstrack bike series is exclusively used for two-wheelers and has a bunch of extremely useful tracking features like parking notification, location history, etc.


Basic Series
Device gives unlimited zone alerts, real time tracking, parking notifications, location history and several kinds of tracking views.


Plug & Play
Letstrack plug and play is used to track automobiles like cars, trucks, etc. It needs no charging and can be easily fitted under the dashboard with an OBD port.


This is a strap wearable tracking device for children. This monitors their movement, gives an accurate location and sends time & zone specific alerts.

Available in

Plus Series
Along with all the features of the basic series, this device also has very unique features like engine cut and SOS alerts.

This device is widely used for fleet management in unstable network areas. Additional features it possesses are engine cut and full vehicle monitoring.

It is a GPS enabled tracker collar for dogs, cats and more. Track your pet's location in real time. No more lost pets!

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