Letstrack is a global real time instant messaging and tracking app for smart phones, tracking devices and browsers.

The proprietary, cross-platform app uses GPS and the Internet to track and sends text messages, images, videos and user locations. Headquartered in London, Letstrack is already going strong in two countries and ready to embrace four more countries in the near future.

  It is an avant-garde location sharing, messaging app & is the best way to not only stay connected to family, friends and teams but also track them and your vehicle(s), pets etc. if the need arises.   We want to remove a set of worries from your everyday life, make you more productive and add value to your already invaluable life. The app will help curb the uncertainty of mishaps and fortify your peace.  
"The precondition to freedom is security!"


We work on the premise that by providing you peace of mind, we will be making your life safer, happier & more productive!

Letstrack was developed to serve all our needs of feeling secure and safe, inside our homes and outside. We have a wholesome approach and understand the need of communication; that's why we have added a very important feature missing from almost all other tracking apps; An Instant Messaging Service which helps you communicate with your fellow trackers and increases productivity and Fun!


Our Team

The Force Behind Letstrack:

Founded by 2 leading telecommunication experts with a combined professional age of over 30 years! Letstrack is promoted and supported by a multicultural and pragmatic team, which augments the vision of the brand with their valuable insights and distinct learning's. The immensely talented and experienced team of developers and designers and seasoned industry experts make Letstrack a winning proposition!

Vikram Kumar

(Managing Director)

A pragmatic and positive man, Vikram has over 18 years of experience in setting up businesses ranging from a telecom consultancy, software development and establishing national distribution at various retail chains. His rich international experience and in-depth understanding about marketing communications and recruitment are the driving forces behind his successful ventures.

Trevor Harper

(Head of Business Development)

Trevor has a thorough knowledge about crafting business. His exceptional role in the growth of the electronic and telecommunication industry and the overseas remittance industry in Asia and Europe is undeniable. With a 12 + years of prodigious experience, he's truly a force to reckon with!

Victor Ferdinandi

(Group Budgeting & Taxation Partner)

Victor possesses 30 years of experience in various Multi-National Corporations, including industries such as Refrigeration /Air Conditioning, Security and Gaming as their finance director. He heads our finance department and oversees budgeting, management accounting and financial procedures.

Mark Odenore

(Partner EMEA Operation Strategy & Business Development)

Mark Odenore is the former Director of Housing for Hornsey, North London YMCA, and has founded several companies like Mid –West Services (UK) Ltd, S-B- N Ltd, and Sub-contract market ltd. Mark is a serial entrepreneur and adds depth to our team. He is the flag bearer for Letstrack in Africa and the Middle East.

Gary Ferdinandi

(Head of Finance)

Since leaving university in 2006 as a young, budding professional, Gary has worked for several financial institutions in London whilst gaining experience as an accountant.

Gary is extremely gifted and is great with numbers. He is a true testament for the results of honest, hard work!

Kumar Ranjan

(Global Brand Partner)

Ranjan has 20+ years of handling brands and businesses with 17+years as Managing Director of Apppl Combine. His expertise in making START-UPs, a success story by sowing and nurturing new marketing communication ideas and initiatives makes him much sought after. He is the strategic and creative lighthouse of the group.


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