What is Letstrack?
Is Letstrack Free?
What phones will run Letstrack?
Is my information on Letstrack secure?
Does the app drain my phone battery?
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How do I access my Letstrack Settings?

Part A - General Settings

How do I change my current status?
How do I customize my current status?
How can I change my profile picture?

Part B- Map Settings:

What is the use of parental lock?
How can I activate parental lock?
How does Letstrack protect my data?
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Chat & Messaging

What is Letstrack real time messaging?
Does Letstrack require a data connection?
Where can we chat onLetstrack?
How can I add a friend to my chat list?
How do I find my friends on Letstrack?
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Map & Tracking

How do I track my friend?
What is full time tracking?
What is time specific tracking?
How do I use time specific tracking?
What is Zone Tracking?
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Device & Parking

What is a Letstrack device?
Can this device be installed in any vehicle?
Will this device interfere with my vehicles electronic systems?
Where will the device be installed in my vehicle?
How do I add devices?
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Lets Ride

What is Lets Ride?
How do I create Lets Ride?
How can I share my ride?
Can I re-share a ride shared with me?
How can I stop my active ride?
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What is the 'radar' view?
What is the use of radar view?
How can I see people in Radar view?
How to customize the radius of radar view?
Can I see people who are not my friends on radar view?
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Letstrack Web

What is the use of Letstrack Web?
How do I use Letstrack web?
Is the Letstrack WEB application FREE to use?
What is the Dashboard?
What things can Ifind on the Dashboard Screen?
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How to use Letstrack for workforce management?
How will I track my workforce through Letstrack app?
What value addition will Letstrack give to my business?
What information will the GPS tracking system give me?
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